“Don't rush – you don't know what you might miss if you move too fast. Everyone has their own pace.”

A Yeong is a very positive and passionate designer with a versatile skill set, working with brand identity, photography, packaging design, editorial layout design, and UX/UI design. She has gained her skills from both a Diploma in Visual Communication Design at VCC and a Bachelors degree in Visual Art from SFU.

One of A Yeong’s strengths is her practiced ability to work with clients, directing the creative collaboration and bringing clients’ visions to life. She has the skills to persuade them to make the right choices with her positivity and conceptualization skills.

Her goal is to work at a design agency or design team at a large company. Specifically, she would love to work on brand identities and marketing-based projects where she can create new product lines or cohesive campaigns.

Katie's Selection

Based in Vancouver, Canada, Katie’s Selection provides healthy, high-end dog food. Their brand identity sought to refine dog food through organic ingredients and love. A logo that represented the client’s love towards her dog is emphasized with fresh and organic ingredients on the business card. The target market is local dog owners who have high income, seeing dogs as family members.


Tealight is a company that produces high-quality organic tea. Targeting customers aged 20-40, Tealight appeals to those who appreciate relaxation, tea and good design. Their teas are perfect for heart-to-heart conversations with friends and family. Coupled with a logo, a series of packages were designed for different flavours. Additionally, product photography was used to create ads for various social media platforms.

Black Tail

Black Tail is a winery based in Australia, producing high-quality wine that is delicious, refreshing, and effervescent. This brand is targets couples aged 20-40 who are ready to celebrate special and romantic nights. Black Tail wines also appeal to those who appreciate quality wines and quality times, being sharable with close friends and loved ones. A logo and a label series were created to identify different flavours of this sweet Moscato.