“Letting go makes room for a better version.”

Born and raised in Vancouver, Ada’s inspiration comes from every crack and crevice of her hometown. Her style varies from clean and simple to playful and illustrative. Being a part of the client studio in the diploma program allowed Ada to realize her passion to help bring client visions to life, whether it be logos or promotional items.

Ada hopes to find her way in the design world and help businesses build stronger customer relationships through design. When she’s not designing, she likes to spend quality time with her friends over breakfast.

Whale Tales Beer

A spinoff of lemonade, this alcoholic beverage caters to a group of late 20’s to 30’s who can appreciate design and enjoys winding down with beer by themselves or with their group of friends.

Pip Pops Popcorn

Pip Pops Popcorn targets a sociable age group, early teens to mid 20's, that loves to eat and share food with their friends. They're social media enthusiasts and know the trends of the week.

The Georgia Straight: Opioid Crisis Cover

The Georgia Straight is a free weekly local news and entertainment newspaper in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The cover story, The Opioid Crisis, is an ongoing drug problem in North America with an increase of overdose deaths every year.