“Learn, explore and create.”

Katrina grew up in the Philippines and moved to Canada seven years ago. She has always been passionate in exploring, learning, and creating, which is why she decided to take the graphic design program at VCC.

While a student, she developed an interest in branding, typography, and web development. She approaches her work following the wise words of designer Paula Scher – “You have to be in a state of play to design.” 

Moonlight Wine

Moonlight is a sweet moscato wine catered towards people that have an affinity for arts and sense of tranquility.

Boop!Organics Dog Treats

Boop!Organics is a sustainable packaging project catered towards younger dog owners. The focal point of the design are the pictures of dogs looking up and anticipating for treats.

Studio Nuvo

DMD and Stack&Spoon are some of the logos that I created in Studio Nuvo.