“Do more. Don’t work too hard.”

Deciding that culinary arts wasn’t for him, Marvin dabbled in freelancing and streaming before pursuing an interest in graphic design. Two years of study at VCC encouraged his creative growth, and he’s learned that he enjoys the challenge of building something that both he and his client like. Marvin works as prolifically as he can to keep himself engaged; you can always catch him trying new things or taking different approaches to a problem.

He draws much inspiration from social media, following a variety of personalities on YouTube, Twitch, and Twitter, and when he’s not busy with design or distracted by the internet, Marvin enjoys video games, good beer, and the local outdoors.

Digital Media Design

A tangram puzzle cleverly represents VCC’s Digital Media Design program. Its individual shapes can be interpreted into many different shapes and forms, showing practicality, flexibility and friendliness. A robust and streamlined nature can be seen through its structure and colours.


Inspired by police badges and military patches, the logo for F.R.I.K.C. (or Fugitive Recovery In Kansas City) takes on that traditional style with a modern twist. The swooping eagle adorns company t-shirts, forms and contracts.


Like design? You can find many Illustrator-related tools and references in this art-deco-inspired pack of playing cards. Several small details and patterns were achieved thanks to thorough study of ornaments in traditional playing cards.