“Keep It Simple Stupid Simple Stupid Simple Stupid (KISSSSSS)

Having updated her personality many times, Shan is happy with the current version: the latest update has integrated skills that help her zero in on a vision, prioritize tasks, effectively learn and produce new possibilities. Initially attending school to hone her comic-book-making ability, she discovered interactive design to be a better medium to combine her love of conceptual storytelling with her curiosity about technologies.

Right now she's furiously learning new skills, including game engines and coding languages, because it’s pure fun to be constantly surprised by the infinite possibilities of what we can do.


This is the banner stand project for Open Door Group. I utilized their brand colour and logos to promote a friendly and professional image.

The Chinatown Express

This is a food packaging project. I used the Vancouver Chinatown as inspiration because it is a historical site and vibrant community in Vancouver. I designed the package based on the traditional takeout box, but it is made with recycled paper.


This is a personal project for learning about app UI/UX concept and design. Instead of a to do list and rigid planning, this app focuses on having a vision and creating an organic process to realize it. I created wireframes for testing, and then designed the current version according to user feedback.